Hi!     I'm Susie.


                I was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1988. I lived in Canada (Vancouver) for 2 years , in the US (Potsdam, Blacksburg) for 3 & in England (Oxford) for a year.

My school is Farkasréti Általános Iskola.

Email: racz@poe.elte.hu

My father is a physicist at the Eötvös University. My mother is an English teacher at the Szentgyörgyi Albert 12 Year School. I have a brother (Miki, 14) and a sister (Nóri, 7).
            What I like:  Mariah Carey -books : -Roald Dahl
-Adrian Mole                                                -Horrible History
                                 -music:Rap;R'n'B;House (Puffy;Eminem;2Pac;W.Smith;ATB;Sash;.)                                                -Cars