Phase Separation in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

Budapest, July 2-7,   2000 

Eötvös School - Program

July 2 (Sunday)

General introduction and overview

  9:00-  9:15   Welcome

  9:15-10:45   K. Binder

        Kinetics of Phase Separation in the Bulk and in Confined Geometries:
        An Overview

11:15-12:45   P.Fratzl

        Phase Separation in Materials: Experiments and Computer Simulation

14:30-16:00   A. J. Bray

        Dynamics of Phase Separation: Theoretical Perspectives

16:30-18:00   L.Gránásy

        Nucleation and growth in discrete and continuum models (Exercises)

July 3 (Monday)

Complex fluids, granular media, and traffic

9:00-10:30   I. Jánosi

        Granular Systems I: Introduction and Phenomenology of Segregation

11:00-12:30   J. Kertész

        Granular Systems II: Theoretical Approaches to Stratification,
                                                Traffic Jams, and Clustering

14:30-16:00   Á. Buka and L. Kramer

        Abnormal rolls and chevrons in electroconvection

16:30-18:00   W. van Saarloos

        What's unusual about (noisy) fronts propagating into unstable state?


        Exercises, Workshop I - Short talks

July 4 (Tuesday)

Astrophysical and elementary-particle applications

  9:00-10:30,   11:00-11:45   H.J. de Vega

        Primordial Cosmology and Particle Physics

11:45-12:30   A. Patkós

        From density fluctuations to galaxy formation

14:30-16:00   Z. Fodor

        Electroweak phase transitions


        Exercises,   Workshop II - Short talks

July 5 (Wednesday)

Biological applications

  9:00-10:30   T. Vicsek

        Collective behaviour: from bacteria to humans

11:00-12:30   G. Forgács

        Physics in the Extracellular Matrix

14:30-16:00   G. Szabó

        Pattern evolution in Lotka-Volterra type systems


        Workshop III - Short talks

July 6 (Thursday)

Chemical systems

  9:00-10:30   M. Droz

        Formation of Liesegang patterns

11:00-12:30   J. Vollmer

        Frustration, Flow and Phase Separation in Amphiphilic Mixtures

14:30-16:00   H. Frisch

        Diffusion through barriers

16:30-18:00   V. Privman

        Size distribution in growth of fine particles

July 7 (Friday)

Far from equilibrium driven systems

  9:00-10:30   D. Mukamel

        Coarsening processes in driven systems

11:00-12:30   R. K. P. Zia

        Phase Ordering in Driven Diffusive Systems

14:30-16:00   B. Schmittmann

        Vacancy-mediated dynamics: Towards order or disorder

16:30-18:00   M. Plischke

        Surface Growth and Phase Separation


        Workshop IV - Short talks

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