Eötvös School and Workshop


Phase Separation in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

Budapest, July 2-7,   2000 

Institute for Theoretical Physics     Eötvös University


The Eötvös Graduate School and Workshop is part of the postgraduate education in physics at the Eötvös University. The aim with this school is to bring the graduate students up to date on a given topic and, at the same time, prepare them for participation in international conferences. For this reason, we invite the leading specialist of the world as lecturers and combine the school with a Workshop. Students attending the school usually come from all over the world.

Topics and Speakers                          Timetable of School

  • General introduction and overview
  • K.Binder (Mainz)   lecture notes
    A.J.Bray (Manchester)   lecture notes
    P.Fratzl (Leoben)   lecture notes
    L.Gránásy (Budapest, SzFKI)   lecture notes

  • Complex fluids, granular media, and traffic
  • Á.Buka (Budapest, SzFKI), I.Jánosi (Budapest, ELTE), J.Kertész (Budapest, BME), L. Kramer (Bayreuth)

  • Astrophysical and elementary-particle applications
  • H.J. de Vega (Paris VI)
    Z.Fodor (Budapest, ELTE)   lecture notes
    A.Patkós (Budapest, ELTE)

  • Far from equilibrium driven systems
  • D.Mukamel (Weizmann)   lecture notes
    B.Schmittmann (Virginia Tech)   lecture notes
    R.K.P. Zia (Virginia Tech)   lecture notes

  • Chemical systems
  • M.Droz (Geneva)   lecture notes
    H.L.Frisch (Albany)   lecture notes
    V.Privman (Clarkson)   lecture notes
    J.Vollmer (Mainz)

  • Biological applications
  • G.Forgács (Missouri)
    Gy.Szabó (Budapest, MFA)   lecture notes
    T.Vicsek (Budapest, ELTE)

  • Miscallenious topics (growth, fronts)
  • M.Plischke (Simon Fraser)  lecture notes
    W. van Saarloos (Leiden)  lecture notes

    Workshop                                            Program

    It will be a set of informal seminars and poster sessions where young researchers are expected to discuss their ongoing research. There will be an extra day (July 8) devoted solely to additional talks and roundtable discussions of the Workshop.