Phase Separation in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

Budapest, July 2-8,   2000 


Short talks

July 3 (Monday)

18:00-18:15   Peter Fratzl

        Phase separation: Effect of elastic interactions

18:15-18:30   Richard Weinkamer

        Differences in the time evolution of the Ising model
        using vacancy-dynamics or Kawasaki-dynamics

18:30-18:45   Ellák Somfai

        Vacancy-induced diffusion on surfaces

18:45-19:00   János Török

        Localization of shear bands and aging in sheared granular materials

July 4 (Tuesday)

16:30-17:00,   Francesco Sylos-Labini

        Why does gravity make fractals?

17:00-17:30   Hector de Vega

        Statistical mechanics of self-gravitating gas

17:30-17:45   Ellen Reister

        Spinodal decomposition of a binary polymer mixture:
        Dynamic self-consistant field theory and Monte Carlo

17:45-18:00   Julien Kockelkoren

        Domain growth in the presence of conservation laws

July 5 (Wednesday)

16:30-16:45   Tibor Antal

        Oscillations in a lattice prey-predator model

16:45-17:00   Sara Vaiana

        Interaction Between Spinodal Demixing, Unfolding,
        Oligomerization, and Aggregation in Bovine Serum Albumin

17:00-17:15   Jerome Magnin

        Patchy structure of vegetation

17:15-17:30   Gianluca Lattanzi

        Two state model for molecular motors

July 6 (Thursday)

Free association

July 7 (Friday)

18:00-18:15   Eugenio Lippiello

        Fluctuation-dissipation ratio in the kinetic Ising model

18:15-18:30   Géza Ódor

        Critical branching-annihilating random walk of two species:
        The effect of blocking on the universality in d=1.

July 8 (Saturday)

  9:00-   9:30   Peter Hantz

        Regular precipitation patters from simple chemical reactions

  9:30-10:00   György Korniss

        Non-equilibrium Growth Phenomena and Scalability of
        Massively Parallel Algorithms for Large Asynchronous Systems

10:30-11:00   Uwe Täuber

        Surprises with anisotropic variants of the KPZ equation

11:00-13:30   András Czirók

        Collective behavior of microorganisms

11:30-12:00   Vladimir Privman

        What is nanotechnology?


        Roundtable discussion

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